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UVB POD HandHeld Phototherapy Lamp - PSORIASIS
  • UVB POD HandHeld Phototherapy Lamp - PSORIASIS
  • UVB POD HandHeld Phototherapy Lamp - PSORIASIS
  • UVB POD HandHeld Phototherapy Lamp - PSORIASIS
  • UVB POD HandHeld Phototherapy Lamp - PSORIASIS
  • UVB POD HandHeld Phototherapy Lamp - PSORIASIS
  • UVB POD HandHeld Phototherapy Lamp - PSORIASIS

UVB POD HandHeld Phototherapy Lamp - PSORIASIS

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UVB POD Hand Held Lamp 311 nm for Psoriasis.

PL-S 9W/01/2P

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Product Overview:

220V / Europe 2 pins plug ONLY

UVB Lamp with Philips UVB 311 Narrow Band Bulb for Phototerapy (311 nm).

UVB Treatment for Psoriasis.

Perfect to use at home if you dermatologist prescribed you old UVA or new UVB Therapy.




Buying a lamp will save you a lot of money as it proves to be less expensive compared to cabin UV treatments that are hardly refunded and limited in numbers by Social Care.

This treatment can be done at home when you want and at your rhythm.

No need to go to the clinic or to your dermatologist to make UV in cabins. No more wasted time in car, mileage or money for gas.

Young and old people not / no more driving or depending on public transportation can do their own treatment at home.

No more appointments to schedule in advance or endless phone calls to book them !

UV B treatment is done without taking any photosensitive agent (like psoralens), therefore no reminders or treatments missed.

End of digestive troubles, headhaches and interdiction to expose your body to the sun for 24 hours...

UV B treatment needs less exposure time compared to UV A.
The UV B rays penetrate exactly at the relevant skin depth and are much more effective than UV A for the treatment of Psoriasis and Vitiligo.

With our lamps, only the areas to be treated are exposed to UV.

The treatment will illuminate only the parts that are impacted by Psoriasis or Vitiligo, unlike cabin treatments in which all your body takes UV, even where not needed.

UV B at 311 nanometer wavelength (311 nm narrow band) is the most adapted treatment for Psoriasis and Vitiligo: your skin takes only UV B (exit the A and C) and only the wavelength useful for the treatment.

The lamp itself and the UV B tube have CE marking and are cerified CE (EC). Warranty is 1 year. Safety full anti-UV goggles are included whatever product bought.

We use "Philips" UV B tubes in all our products. Philips is the most worldwide recognized brand in this industry for treatment of these skin diseases.

The narrow UV B spectrum at 311 nm limits the risks of sunstroke / skin problems compared to full UV, full UV A or full UV B spectrums.

Thus, UV B at 311 nm do not limit your sun capital as much as UV A and are much less harmful than the latter which pose the most problem for premature ageing of the skin.

Any local treatment based on creams, ointment, oils... can be continued.

Just proceed with UV exposure before applying any local treatment like a cream as it can stop penetration of the rays.

All our lamps are delivered with a ONE PAGE quick-start guide to read to be able to start your treatment as quickly as possible.

The full manual is also included.

The lifetime of the tube is several thousands of hours, so much more than necessary to any treatment.

Tubes of replacement are sold exclusively to our customers if those inopportunely broke the tube by making it fall.

All our products are in stock. We dispatch the next business day if your order is paid before midday.

Fast delivery is guaranteed in Europe and is quick for rest of the world. Few days can sometimes apply for treatment by local customs outside European Union.

3 copies of customs declaration and invoice are included in any shipment outside the Euopean Union.

All our lamps are delivered in a white hard-bound sealed parcel, without any indication of its content, therefore non identifiable by anyone from the post office employees to roommates or any person receiving the parcel for you.

Home UVB phototherapy for Psoriasis :

Present in natural sunlight, UVB is an effective treatment for psoriasis.
UVB penetrates the skin and slows the growth of affected skin cells.
Treatment involves exposing the skin to an artificial UVB light source.

There are two types of UVB treatment, broad band and narrow band. The major difference between them is that narrow band UVB light bulbs (311 Nm) release a smaller range of ultraviolet light.
Studies indicate that narrow-band UVB clears psoriasis faster and produces longer remissions than broad-band UVB or standard PUVA-therapy.

More effective but also faster, less time consuming and safer. Treating psoriasis with a UVB light unit at home is an economical and convenient choice for many people.

Like phototherapy in a clinic, it requires a consistent treatment schedule.

Source :


UVB is light with a short wavelength that is absorbed in the skin's epidermis. An artificial source can be used to treat psoriasis.

A newer type of UVB, called narrowband UVB, emits the part of the ultraviolet light spectrum band that is most helpful for psoriasis.

Narrowband UVB treatment is superior to broadband UVB. It is gaining in popularity because it does help and is more convenient than in-clinic UVB or PUVA.

At first, patients may require several treatments of narrowband UVB spaced close together to improve their skin.

Once the skin has shown improvement, a maintenance treatment once each week may be all that is necessary.

For an effective cure, start with very short exposure periods of 30 seconds maximum per area per day during 7 days, then, according to the results, keep or increase gradually the exposure time up to 60 seconds maximum per area per day: goal is to find the minimum daily exposure time needed to solve the skin disease.

As already stressed: treatment by short exposures on a regular basis give the best results.

The treatment should never exceed 2 weeks uninterrupted, then stop during 1 week and start again this cycle.

Treat only the areas impacted by Psoriasis.

- Lamp with a Philips UVB 311 nm bulb for Phototerapy (type : PL-S 9W/01/2P - CE Certificate).

- ProtectiveSkin POD Bulb (for skin and hair).
- 230 V power cord and european plug.

- 1 x Lamp with a Philips Narrow Band 311 nm bulb (model: PL-S 9W/01/2P - CE Certificate).
- 1 x ProtectiveSkin POD plexiglas shell.
- 1 x Pair of protective sunbed goggles (against all UV A / UV B).
- 1 x Cord and Power Supply in 220-230V / 50-60Hz with standard European 2 round pins plug type only. UK type customers must use an European to UK plug adaptor.
- 1 x Quick start user manual in ENGLISH + FRENCH.

The UV B Lamp is to be used within the framework of a treatment of PSORIASIS, VITILIGO or ECZEMA diagnosed, prescribed and followed by your dermatologist only. Do not buy if you are not diagnosed with PSORIASIS, VITILIGO or ECZEMA or are not followed by a dermatologist who confirmed the UV B therapy is suitable for your type of problem and color and type of skin. You are responsible for the proper use of this lamp based on your dermatologist's recommendations and user guides.